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Ferret Review


California, United States

Posted Jan 15, 2012

When we lived in TX, where it's legal, my ex husband bought me a ferret. He knew that I'd been researching ferrets and I really wanted one. So he popped down to the pet store and surprised me.

This was an energetic little guy! But, he did start out a bit skittish.

I do not recommend ferrets for children because of the amount of nip training that's typically needed. Bitter Apple spray worked, but it took some time to get Slinky to stop biting. From what I read before we obtained Slinky, ferrets rough-house with each other. Because their skin is so tough, in comparison to human skin, they don't hurt each other when they bite in this way. But humans have much softer skin. When these guys bite, and they will before they're nip-trained -- it's natural instinct, they bite hard. Sometimes hard enough to draw blood.

That said, I wouldn't have traded Slinky for the world. He was fun to play with, enjoyed attention, and very friendly once we got the biting taken care of. He nuzzled and cuddled, soaking up the love, and giving plenty in return. He was also painfully adorable to watch at play.

They have a musky smell that some people find offensive, I actually liked it. He smelled almost like exotic incense.

He wasn't the cheapest animal in the world to own. We had to get him a large, multi-level cage, complete with lots of little things for him to play with and hide stuff in. They love hiding in things. And they love hiding their favorite toys in things. They also love socks, especially dirty socks.

Because they are smart animals, they enjoy many toys, things they can try to figure out, and need lots of stimulation. They aren't very independent animals. Unlike a cat, they will require a good deal of attention. They're often much more social than cats. But, unlike a dog, they won't need constant attention. Personality wise, they're somewhere in the middle.

They don't make much noise, a squeak here and there, but nothing too loud or often.

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