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Ferrets are a wonderful pet, but they are not for everyone


Florida, United States

Posted Oct 07, 2011

I am a ferret newbie who recently got a crash course. I've been around friend's ferrets before, but never had my own, until about a year ago. An ex-bf decided he wanted to adopt 4 elderly ferrets that people were giving away online. Well, they ended up being too much for him to handle, and since I was attached to them and didn't want to see them get passed around more or separated, I took them. 2 boys and 2 girls, all around age 4 from what we were told. One boy was blind, and passed away suddenly from unknown adrenal disease 4 months after we got him. Currently, my other male has multiple cancers and is not going to last much longer. Both original females have adrenal disease as well, but are being treated and still seem fairly healthy. I recently adopted another 1 yr old female.

Pros: Adorable, funny, cuddly, loveable, they can adapt to your wake/sleep schedule

Cons: Odor may bother some, some may nip, play area may need "ferret-proofing", need minimum of 4 hours/day out of cage time, avg lifespan only about 5 years and vet bills are expensive, not ideal for younger children (12 and up would be best), daily litter box maintenance, weekly bedding washes

Conclusion: This is a pet you really need to do your research on before you get one (or more). They are nothing like dogs or cats and you need to know if they really would mesh well with your schedule and family. These are NOT a pet for small children. Ferrets are too little and can be too easily injured or killed with one wrong step. Bottom line, research and spend some time around ferrets before you decide they are for you.

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