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Florida, United States

Posted Oct 09, 2015

Originally we got two male ferrets that were a year old out of curiosity, but quickly grew to love the exuberant little creatures. We loved them so much we got another couple this time a male and female to be their playmates. We got them a huge cage and they loved to make a mess of it, so we let them out a few times a day.

I wont lie having them was incredible though it was also a little challenging at times. If you're planning on letting them run around the house you must clean your floors and be certain they cant climb anything were they can get hurt or get into trouble. You should keep a watchful eye on them when their out. We had one we named Bandit because he was a tricky little guy who would steal anything from socks to brushes and hoard them. This is actually a common trait of ferrets so beware.

These little guys have an abundance of energy, so I advise you harness train them and teach them to walk if you are uncomfortable just letting them roam your home. They are extremely playful and will "attack" at random sometimes. We could not were socks when ours were out or we would be bit, and or jumped on by our ferrets.

These little guys are great pets to have though they are extremely energetic. They fit best with people who can match their wildness and can be great pets, though keep your house clean and be weary of random attacks by this furry little creature. You should also be aware these little guys do best when they have a buddy or a few buddies as they are so exuberant. I would not recommend getting a lone ferret or it may become lonely.

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