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Posted Jan 19, 2015

My husband always wanted to own a ferret. He didn't do much research, but he was educated by the store he bought Tuto from. The salesperson told him that ferrets are companion animals and that he should buy them in pairs.

We thought he was just trying to get more money out of us, but when we got him home alone after a few days we noticed that he would run and burrow himself inside of our couches after tearing them up! This is one thing to keep in mind, they will rip holes under beds and couch so they can make themselves a cute little bunker.

So, whilst observing this type of behavior we noticed that he seemed "sad" and didn't always want to be played with. Tuto, a male, was leash trained, but did not want to go out much. We decided to go back to the pet store and buy him a companion. This is where we noticed Tuto's real personality. The other ferret we bought was named "Tuti".

When we got the two ferrets together they were already acquainted because they did live in the same habitat in the pet store. Tuto was so happy to have Tuti there that they started playing and running along together and were just having a ball!

It was so cute watching them bond and play around as if they were long lost friends. As I mentioned earlier, they did have two different personalities, here is what we noticed:

Tuto was very social and loved playing around, being cuddled and manhandled every so often. I love how he used to run and his back was like a hump. He was so friendly and would not ever bite or even nibble. I used to spend hours cuddling with him as long as I held him as if he was in a secure burrow.

Tuti, however, was different. She was the female of the two and was didn't take to me very well. She bit me a few times and did not always want to be handled. She was definitely a "free bird" and wanted to act on her own. I always had to listen for tearing fabric under beds, recliners, and sofas because she always wanted to be alone in her burrow. She would only play with Tuto and did not want to associate with us humans.

As far as life expectancy with both pets Tuti (the female) did out live Tuto (the male) by about 10 years. We moved to Puerto Rico with the pets. We had them vaccinated and have taken them for check ups, but Tuto did get sick and passed away after about 2 months in Puerto Rico.

Tuti, however, lived another 10 years with my mother-in-law even when we left Puerto Rico. After Tuto died she did really learn to love and became my mother-in-laws closest companion. I really feel that her strong will did contribute to her living such a long life.

To me, a ferret is a perfect pet to have because they are very social and do love companionship. The only downside is the smell they always have, we would just clean them with baby shampoo and then go on with life as normal.

I would definitely love to have another ferret in my life once again, but I would definitely learn to read them get a feel for their personality and temperament if you plan on entertaining people with your ferrets. I do miss these animals!

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