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Brandon, Florida, United States

Posted Dec 30, 2018

I'll admit when my brother first said that he wanted pet rats I was a little bit skeptical but oh how I ended up loving them. I never expected these little guys to be so intelligent, sweet, or clean!! They were easily potty trained and so cuddly!!!

They only lived for a few years but we loved all of our time with them. My brother would let them roam free around his room for several hours throughout the day and they would come cuddle or explore and when they had to use the bathroom they always went back to their cage. One of their favorite spots was in the front pocket of our hoodies or even the hood of the hoodie.

We made sure their cage was decently big and we made them little hammocks out of fleece as a hide out in addition to the house we gave them. Sometimes their bedding or food would end up outside of their cage but other than that they weren't messy. And if anyone is concerned about the smell, it was never a issue as long as we cleaned the cage regularly. Personally I think they smell better than a hamster and MUCH better than a ferret.

Rats are social creatures so we always made sure to have two of whatever kind we had. This was a nice difference between them and hamsters as well. You get twice the pets for the same amount of work as with one.

If you're like me and you're skeptical about having rats for pets, I hope this helps! Because they really are such a wonderful pet and think everyone should give them a shot.

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