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My Rat Named Mouser


United States

Posted Jul 02, 2015

I actually had 3 male rats but we will focus on one for this review. I never had good luck with rats for some reason. Either I'm cursed or maybe I just am a terrible rat owner. I've had bunnies, hamsters, and other small animals that have lived long lifes, but not my rats.

I got 3 rats from Petco around Christmas time a couple years ago. At first they were fine, exploring their cage. Sometimes they would fight and I'd have to remove one but once they figured out who was the top rat they pretty much hung out together. One of the rats would never let me touch him and was very protective of the other two. He was the one who would fight alot and seemed to be the alpha.

Anyways, the littlest one who never got a name, got sick right away, and in the first two weeks he got a lung infection and died. I called the store and they said to bring in the other two for them to look at. The alpha male rat, Peter, was also sick and they kept him at the store. In two weeks two of the rats had died.

So I went back home with one rat left, Mouser. He slowly became more docile over the next few weeks and the same thing happened. His little lungs would click when he'd breathe and he eventually died. It was tough just holding him. I didn't know anything about euthanasia and I wasn't sure if maybe he'd get better, and it didn't make sense to take him to a vet.

All in all I don't know if rats are for me. At the time I got them I was out of school, but if I had to wake up early in the morning i'd never be able to sleep in the first place since they were always up at night running on their wheel. I also wasn't fond of the musky odor that they left in my apartment.

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