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Hairless Fancy Rats!


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Posted Jul 09, 2015

The hairless variety of fancy rat provides all of the pros of owning a standard fancy rat. They are curious, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. They are, however, a little bit more difficult to keep. Their lack of fur means they lack a defensive barrier against injuries, and require some amount of skin care to ensure their health. They may require you to moisturize their skin, which is a simple task, but is more involved than owning a standard rat. Also, you must be sure to check on them and their cagemates often to make sure there are no aggression issues (this goes for all rats) as hairless rats tend to sustain worse injuries due to their baldness. Additionally, breeding them can be a bit difficult since some female hairless won't lactate, and therefore most breeders breed a hairless litter in addition to a standard litter and have the hairless pups feed from the standard mother. All in all, they're great pets just like any other rat while also including a distinct uniqueness factor. I would just suggest doing a bit of extra research before acquiring one.
- Similar behavior to a standard fancy rat. Loyal, affectionate, playful, social (you must have more than one rat! Hairless rats can live with standard rats, it makes no difference), exploratory, and intelligent.
- Adorable. And they feel nice. Trust me.
- Can still have patterns, as they aren't 100% hairless.. I've always described their hair as being sort of like peach fuzz.
- Unique with distinctive appearances.
- Like standard fancy rats, their feeding and housing upkeep isn't particularly difficult. Once you have an enclosure and accessories, you only really need to keep buying food and litter.
- All rats are relatively clean animals.
- As with all rats, veterinary care can be troublesome, as they require exotic vets who can be expensive and hard to locate.
- Their skin requires special care as they are more vulnerable to injuries and issues like dry skin.
- Breeding them can be troublesome as some females don't lactate.
- Require a bit more research than your standard fancy rat. Also might be harder to come by.

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