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110, Iceland

Posted Sep 02, 2015

I could never hold my mice, they were extremely defensive, and kept guard for each other if any hands came within a certain distance, then it alerted the other one and they tried to find shelter together. It was cute to watch, but when you can not grab this cuteness and embrace it when you want to. Well, they got to be independent and it was kind of cute how they watched out for each other, and they were very easy to clean and feed. If I held them, they both tried to bite, I could tell one of them not to, and it would lay off, but I could also feel they were both very scared.

I am a light sleeper and got woken up very often during the night, but couldn't pinpoint what I was waking up to. Often thinking it was the mice, I got up and looked at them, but they played it cool and didn't move. Eventually I saw what was happening one night when I hadn't fallen asleep, -the male one was doing some kind of a warrior dance, a mating ritual for the other one. Well, that was cute but it never happened during the day, always after hours.

After about 10months of owning them I set them free in a forrest not far from where I live, where I knew there weren't any big animals or birds around. I found a quiet spot where they could make shelter on their own, and they did as soon as I let them go. I imagined they were better off there than in a cage. After about a month, I was passing by the forrest and decided to take a look if I'd see anything. To my surprise, as soon as I arrived at the spot I left them at, I saw the two of them walk out of a small "cave" they had built out of leaves and wood chips. They both got up on their back feet and I almost cried cause I thought they recognised me and were saying hello. As far as I know though, it could have been some kind of a warrior dance to scare me off, or a sign to tell me they were starving.

But to me they looked very happy, happier than any mouse I have seen caged up.

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