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The English Spotted Rabbit


United States

Posted Mar 30, 2013

Thumper came into my life when I was about 14, stealing my heart overnight. He was the first rabbit I ever owned, and the sweetest I think I ever will.

At first, Thumper had his own cage set up indoors, which needed diligence or the smell got unbearable (especially urine build-up), but his love for the outdoors prompted the building of a hutch and habitat outside. Eventually, as he grew used to the weather and noises of nature, he migrated to being an outside rabbit, permanently. He loved living out in the fresh air, eating clover and sweet, green grass. Before that, however, I had easily leash trained him with a harness he didn't mind wearing. Anywhere I went, he hopped after happily, munching away. There were times when he got nervous when you held him, especially if there were loud noises going on in the background, but for the most part he was an excessively laid back rabbit. He played with ours cats and our dogs, even putting the cats in their places if they got too rough with him. I remember several occasions where Thumper escaped his cage at night and I would wake up to him laying along my side in the morning.

I would have to say, based on my experience with this rabbit, they make a great addition to any family willing to put in some time and effort. Cleaning of the cage may become a tedious process, but the love and funny antics they return, make it well worth it. Cost wise? They are fairly cheap and will enjoy fresh vegetables and some fruits. A good piece of advice I got when I had my rabbit? Mix some pineapple juice into their water as it helps reduce hairballs. Your bunny will thank you for it, along with a nice, regular brushing.

Highly recommend.

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