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Posted Aug 13, 2014

My family bought a small sweet of chipmunks and had them for a few years. They were well taken care of during their time with us but we learned, the hard way, that their lives were naturally short (around 3 years). Despite their lack of longevity, they were fun little creatures to watch, feed, and be responsible for.

If you are looking for something to hold or cuddle up to this is definitely not the pet for you. Chipmunks are still rather feral and have little interest in being held. What you will find is that they do best in big wire cages where you can feed them, clean their areas, and watch them. Otherwise, there's nothing much else to it.

I learned quickly that chipmunks love to chew and they would tear up most things in order to wear their teeth down. Once I discovered that they love pine cones most all of their chewing was dedicated to that. Chipmunks seem to just love them and will play with them for hours. Dried corn cobs seem to work as well if you don't have access to pine cones.

Our chipmunks were very active so we got them some guinea pig exercise wheels. They actually worked very well as long as you don't buy plastic ones (they will chew them to pieces within a day). Feeding them was a breeze as well. All they needed were nuts and seeds. I enjoyed sticking in random bugs, like crickets, every once in a while too. They loved them as treats.

If you like caged pets that are fun to watch then chipmunks can be really enjoyable to own. Just remember that their lifespan isn't too long, so getting attached is a tough thing to do.

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