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Posted Aug 08, 2014

To be this pet's owner, you have to be a perfectionist, hence the title. I say that because these rabbits, although cute and cuddly, require your utmost attention. If one thing is out of place, your rabbit will not be happy, and may grow sick and die. These animals are definitely for the more advanced pet owner who doesn't mind getting their living space a little messy. These rabbits are very easy to litter train, if done in the correct manner, and love to be played with, if played with in the right way. Dutch rabbits' bone structures are extremely fragile, and make up about 7-8% of their body weight. One wrong move, and they could easily break something. They are also very skittish (mine especially was!). Every time someone opened the apartment door, my little Molly would go running into my bedroom, and hide under the bed for about twenty minutes. She is friendly, but had to be trained not to bite pretty much everything. She bit my fingers on certain occasions when i first acquired her, and to this day still likes to chew through some of my wooden furniture. I let her run around my apartment room because she has been litter trained, and very rarely forgets it. She, like all other Dutch rabbits, require tons of space to explore and hop around in, so leaving yours in their cage 24/7 would prove to be animal abuse. If you are looking to purchase a Dutch rabbit, be sure that you are comfortable leaving your pet alone, out of their cage, for up to eight hours at a time. They must be fed in the morning and at night, but only a little bit of food will have to do. A few pellets in the morning and some hay at night will be fine, with the occasional vegetable or fruit thrown in the mix as a reward. Just be careful with how much fiber you feed these rabbits. Too much food equals too much indigestion, and I think you know what that leads to! These rabbits are great pets, and will keep you company most days. Just be sure that you know the amount of responsibility you are taking on when getting one, and that you will be able to cater to their every need, as well as play around with them as often as you can!

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