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Posted Jul 23, 2016

I worked at a feed store for five years and during this time period a rabbit, named Cinnamon occupied the store. He came to live at the store when his owner could no longer keep him at home. He was a wonderful rabbit.

He was an unusual rabbit due to the fact that he did not chew anything. It is common for rabbits to chew electrical cords. He had free range of the store and was trained to use a little box. He loved all people and was not afraid of dogs. People often brought their dogs into the store. The dogs would sniff Cinnamon and he would hold his ground.

Cinnamon require little care, other than cleaning his litter box and making sure he had food and water. He ate bunny pellets along with fruits and vegetables. His favorite treat was raisins. When he needed his nails trimmed, we simply picked him up and turned him on his back. Rabbit remain motionless when turned on their back.

Occasionally if the floors were going to be cleaned and waxed, I brought Cinnamon home to spend the weekend with me, much to my kids' delight. He transferred to my home very well. I was his favorite person. I would run circles around my feet and often sat by my feet while I was working.

Cinnamon was a gentle soul, allowing many children to visit with him and pat him. He was clean and quiet. In fact he was the absolute perfect store pet! However, I believe that Cinnamon was unusual for his breed. I would recommend that anyone interested in purchasing a rabbit, read several reviews before making that decision.

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