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Poorly trained, or just lonesome? Bad Bunny Habits


United States

Posted Apr 06, 2016

My experience raising my rabbit is a bit mixed, as he's changed quite a bit since we first got him. Initially we had kept him in a cage due to worry that he would chew on wires, and would take him out in a larger pen enclosure during the day and have him with us on the couch when watching movies at night. Initially I had been attempting to train him to chew on bunny approved objects, and put him back in his cage if he needed to potty, but my efforts were soon dashed when someone else effectively undone all of my training. He's a very naughty bunny that likes to chew on sheets.

For a very long time though, he was very affectionate, licking our hands and never biting. He used to have so much energy and a curious nature, running about his pen and standing up on his hind legs with one ear perked up, he'd get so excited when we came by because he knew we were coming to let him out to play.

We've since had to move the pen to be connected to his cage. Since the move, he's lost a lot of his enthusiasm and will run into his cage when he sees someone approach him, especially if they attempt to take him out of the pen to give him attention. He's all together stopped licking, and will run to the other side of the couch when taken out.

Cecil is a very quiet bunny though, even when he used to show affection and curiosity. The only sounds I've ever heard him make are squeaks when he's nervous. I'm not sure if it's because he's only spent little time with other bunnies as a baby in a pet store or if it's because he's lonely, it does worry me though and I've often considered that it might be a good idea to get another bunny for him to get his bunny urges taken care of, even though he's fixed.

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