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Posted Mar 20, 2016

Rabbits are horrible pets for Kids. I repeat, horrible pets for kids!

I really wish I could post this to every single one of the breeds of rabbits to make sure everyone sees it.

Generally speaking, rabbits are very docile and friendly. They can get along with other animals if they are not threatened. And the are obviously super fuzzy and soft to bpet. And when they are bunnies, they are so cute.

My problem with rabbits, is not with the rabbits. They are just not pets for kids. Now I have to list the reasons why, in no particular order.
1. They are dirty. They drink and eat non stop, which means they go to the restroom non stop. Even if you litter box train them, the cleaning will far surpass that of a cat or dog.
2. They are somewhat trainable. Some are incredibly intelligent and can be taught some simple agility. For the most part though, all a rabbit is good for is sitting in your lap and getting petted. They aren't affectionate. They just sit when they learn to.
3. They are skittish and easily scared. I have seen rabbits that could hang with dogs and cats, no problem. But these are their natural predators and they are very close to wild animals. A dog barking can cause them to freak out and run. If there is a way out, you may be searching for them for a long time.
4. They can be dangerous. They have very large hind legs for their size and on them are very sharp claws. A child or animal can easily startle them and they will kick defensively with those legs and do far more damage far faster than a cat.
5. They bite. Those very cute little teeth, hurt like heck if they think they are in danger while holding them. They can and will bite, I have a scar on my hand to prove it.
6.They have to be checked regularly. Their teeth and claw growth have to be monitored, and not a job for kids.
That being said, they can be a good pet for someone who wants a low maintenance (outside of the constant cage cleaning) and soft pet. But I do not recommend them for kids. And they would lose interest in the bunny very fast anyway once they are adults and no longer a bunny.

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