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19320, Romania

Posted Oct 27, 2015

My family tried this out and it worked fine for a few years. The profit wasn't big but it was enough to leave a bit of extra money on the side.
What I always hated was cleaning the cages of the rabbits as they would have to be taken out of the cages and the were getting really heavy. With the American breed you get at first cute little flappy eared fur balls that grow into this big rabbits that can be really aggressive at times. Indeed it is different if you have a single rabbit who will get used to the territory where humans are the dominant animal, on the other hand on a farm with 10+ animals they can get pretty territorial.
What I did love was that after getting used to human contact they were a great attraction for little kids who loved to feed them grass or carrots. It's a really satisfying feeling when you make some kids smile.

Anyway most of the times those rabbits are kept for their meat and for those of you have weaker nerves I would advice you to stop reading this part.

The meat is indeed of great quality if you know how to prepare the meat. As most experienced cooks know, the meat of rabbits is a bit stiffer and needs some preparation with oil and other kind of ingredients to make it more tender.
But before that there is the hardest part, it's the killing part that it's really heartbreaking because the little critters release a death cry before it which is really not for the weak hearted.

Anyway, let's drift away from the farm to the home pet version. As pets they are great but cleaning up after them is really tricky. They like to hide a lot and their excrements are round balls that most of time left in darker corners or places that are hard to notice.
If you are looking for a cute pet for your daughter I rather advice you to try looking for something different (this if your kid is younger than 13) breed. This breed grows from cute to huge in a really short period of time and the kid might lose interest in them, also they would need a lot of space or they will go ill a lot quicker then usual.

Hopefully this review helped you for your decision to get a rabbit, keep in mind this breed is the best for a farm system rather than a single household pet.

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