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American Rabbits


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Posted Mar 30, 2015

I raised American rabbits for about nine years. They are very easy to raise, in fact, once you start, it's really hard to stop them. Sometimes, I wasn't even sure how my female rabbit(s) ended up pregnant since I had kept them separated (so I thought) from the males. What started off as a two rabbit operation quickly became a twenty plus operation, and the next thing I knew I had about six rabbit hutches.

Originally, I just wanted a few pet rabbits, and thought I might breed them once to play with the little baby bunnies. What really happened was I bred them once and kept a few that I thought were just the cutest! Then, a friend of my fathers was moving and had a rabbit that she said was a female and wanted to know if I would take it since they couldn't have it where they were moving. Of course, I said yes and put that rabbit in with my other females. Unfortunately, she was wrong about it being a female, and next thing I knew, I had three pregnant female rabbits.

That was the start of my rabbit breeding program. After I realized how much in demand they were (mostly for meat I think, but sometimes as pets) I kept breeding them. We ended up having two different breeding sets, one I bred for meat that was larger and meaty, and the other for better colors and temperament. I sold each of them for $5 to $6 each, and I never had a shortage of buyers. In fact, most of the time I would take numbers and call people when I had some ready and they would be sold within a week.

Eventually I got tired of cleaning up all the poop. They do stink. And they poop a lot. When that happened I sold the last ones I had and got out of the business. They do make great pets, however, I only had a few that were mildly aggressive and would nip you from time to time, and they do make good meat rabbits as well. They are easy to take care of, I always fed mine basic rabbit pellets with some vegetables, and of course, plenty of water. I don't know how well they do inside, I always kept mine outside in hutches, but they did well in both the summer and winter.

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