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S-T-E-L-L-A-!-!-! The American White Rabbit


United States

Posted Feb 06, 2015

Stella bunny, as I like to call her, is an American White Rabbit. She is super soft and very friendly. While I love yelling STELLA when I see her, it never makes up for the fact that she is STINKY!!!! She is not my rabbit, if she was she would be living outside, and as such she lives inside. Her cage is cleaned regularly but to me, it never seems to help with the stench. The aroma of a rabbit should not overshadow the fact that they produce great fertilizer! If you are a gardener, then this pet could hold all sorts of appeal to you. While I don’t have kids myself, I have four nephews and one niece all of whom LOVE to pet her. They are huge child magnets.

Stella doesn’t particularly enjoy being held, but she loves to be pet. She is fairly interactive and knows where her food is kept, what fresh veggies look like, all to which she stands up in excitement for.

While I’ve never personally had a rabbit that was litter box trained, it is a thing that many people choose to do. I’m a dog owner myself, and I just don’t know that mine wouldn’t try and gobble her up one day. So for her own protection, we keep her in a cage. Stella gets to go outside often and is handled daily by a variety of people.

I’ve been privy to rabbits in the past, and I can say with certainty that they have various personalities. I feel lucky that Stella doesn’t bite or have any nasty habits. This has not always been the case in the past. She is the only one on the property (excluding of course the wild rabbits). This is due to the fact that if we were to have another and lets say it was a boy, they would inevitably live up to their saying and produce hundreds of offspring. Maybe hundreds is an exaggeration, but they do tend to have lots of babies. Have you ever tried to find homes for 20 rabbits? It’s hard! I speak from experience!! One is one too many for me, although one is just right for the other people in my home.

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