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Posted Dec 30, 2016

An absolute sweetheart! This guinea pig came into our family when she was around four months old. I got her as a sort of emotional support animal to deal with the stresses of life, and she was absolutely what I needed. She was very cuddly and, though she was relatively active in the cage, tended to just lay down next to me while studying and such. I would definitely recommend having a blanket or a towel to lay down under your guinea pig if you have them out, though! Not only are they not typically potty trained, but this breed sheds a lot!
She did really well with children. I nannied for a summer, and the girls were obsessed with her. She never bit, and stayed calm even when they got rowdy (this was usually just dancing around her, which probably would scare me if I was her size, but she stayed put). If you have kids, definitely teach them how to hold a guinea pig! That's something we worked on a lot, and the girls got really good at holding her nicely so that she wasn't scared (you can usually tell if they're getting nervous if the whites of their eyes start to show.)
Guinea pigs are pretty vocal, and she did start to squeak whenever she got hungry or heard the fridge open. She loved most fruits and veggies (of course, try to keep the fruit intake to a minimum because they're high in sugar). It's definitely important to keep the water refilled, as well!
As far as the cage goes, it can be difficult to keep clean. It needs cleaning multiple times a week, or can really start to smell bad and make a mess.
She used to go into a portable carrier while her cage was being cleaned, and got to the point where she would jump into the carrier when you held it by the cage!
Had to take her back to the shelter due to financial and time issues, but really did enjoy having her as a pet. I would highly recommend guinea pigs, even to first-time pet owners!

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