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11000, Serbia

Posted Oct 06, 2016

Now this is a pet that I will never get again. It is quite possible that I am not the right type of owner for it... so maybe it's not all its fault, but this guinea pig never suited me. There was simple no emotional connection between us.
I got it because I was young and she was cute and small. The stupidest reason ever to get a pet. I got her a terrarium, gave her a name, gave her good fresh food and seeds to bite on, took care of her as much as I could... but she only grew, and grew and grew... not doing much else. She wouldn't even play with me nor by itself. Eating and sleeping was her only hobby. When I would get her out of her terrarium, she would run away and hide behind something, making it a mission to get her out. She wouldn't want to be cuddled nor held. When I tried to pair her up with a guinea pig friend, she seemed completely uninterested. Her terrarium had to be changed once every two days making it stressful for me to take her out of it (as she was so difficult to catch and keep in place long enough for me to clean it).
Also, at least where I live, there is no such thing as a ''guinea-pig'' hotel or a hotel for small pets, so you have to be prepared that there might be a problem if you need to got on a vacation - you would need a friend to help you look after it.
In the end, I gave her away back to the breeder. Although it seemed like a difficult decision to me, she didn't seem to miss me at all, going back to her introverted friends.

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