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75000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Posted Jun 02, 2016

I found Squeaky in 2009, abandoned in the hall of the apartment complex where I was living at the time. I took him in, and offered him some veggies. Surprisingly, it only took me a couple of hours to gain his trust. I petted his back, and he began purring loudly. Since I knew nothing about guinea pigs at the time, I was taken aback by this kind of vocalizing in a rodent. I believe what everyone should keep in mind before getting a guinea pig is that these are really vocal animals. I think this was the reason why he was abandoned. The owner probably wasn't ready for all those squeaks, cage nibbling, and rumbling.

The aquarium Squeaky was in was too small for him, so I let him roam the apartment until I got him a proper cage. He loved the wide space and marked “his“ territory by rubbing his bottom against the floor. He was most active at dawn and dusk. This is when he would "popcorn" and run around like crazy. Another funny thing he did was make chutting sounds while exploring the apartment. He knew I was getting his food from the fridge so whenever he heard the door of the refrigerator opening, he would wheek loudly.

Sure, it was great having him around, but he would also annoy me occasionally. Like when he used to wake me up in the middle of the night by biting his cage or demand immediate attention as soon as I walked into the room he was in.

The only thing I regret with Squeaky is that I didn't get him a companion. He became really lonely after a couple of years and showed signs of depression. He would sit in the corner of his cage quietly, looking sad. His health also deteriorated when he turned 6 which is when he died from heart failure. I really do miss having my cuddly companion around.

All in all, I'd say guinea pigs are great pets because they are low-maintenance, very social, and love cuddles. Just give them their veggies and hay at the same time each day and clean their cages regularly and you'll surely find common ground. This is because guinea pigs love routine and, of course, companionship.

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