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Posted Sep 23, 2014

Our daughter begged us to get her a hedgehog for her birthday. After searching countless pictures and websites, she found the hedgehog she wanted. It just happened to be almost 6 hours away. But being the wonderful parents we are, we piled the kids in the car and made the drive to pick the hedgehog up.

One thing we learned quickly... hedgehogs CAN get carsick :-(. He was actually fine for most of the ride back home and didn't get carsick until the last 45 minutes or so. Our daughter named him Mojo Jojo (Mo for short).

Hedgehogs are nocturnal and play during the night, and sleep all day. They run for HOURS on their wheel! Just be aware of that when deciding where to place your hedgehog home. The one thing my daughter wasn't prepared for was just how much poop gets all over the wheel (and the hedgehogs feet) while doing his nightly run. Cleaning the wheel and his feet was almost a daily chore. She also wasn't prepared for how quickly his habitat started smelling of odor. It really needs to be cleaned every other day to have no smell at all. A week without cleaning is the max I would go without cleaning and disinfecting the home.

The hedgehog loved getting baths. He would swim around and play in the water for as long as we would let him. He was a very curious guy and would manage to squeeze into some very tight spaces. He once found a really small hole in the underside of our couch when he crawled under the couch. He managed to crawl up into the fabric hole and got stuck up inside the framework of the couch. Getting a hedgehog who spikes up when nervous out of the couch was not a lot of fun. Although we do laugh about it now :-).

All in all, he was a good pet. Obviously they aren't super cuddly, although they do snuggle into your lap and they are very affectionate. They have a lot of personality and are easy to feed. They are super cute!

However, they do need to be handled every day or they will become hand shy and hiss when you try to pick them up.

This pet does require quite a bit of maintenance. They get scared around other animals (although Mo did fine around our cat and our Boxer/Bully mix).

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