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Hognosed Buddy


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Posted Nov 11, 2013

The first question that was always asked about my pet Hognose was, "Why is it called a Hognose"? For a good amount of time, I had no idea, but alas, the internet can solve all questions! I guess you could look it up if you are interested, but I may as well give you the answer since you are here. It is due to their facial shape (duh!) that has evolved for digging and turning up soil to find prey. Pretty cool! My family chose to purchase a Hognose due to their behaviour. My mom is not a fan of snakes, and the only reason we convinced her to get one was because the Hognose lacked aggression and was fairly calm. If you are in a similar pickle with your mom, cite these reasons! They may work. The Hognose is venomous, but only to its small prey. If it bit you or me, which I never encountered in multiple years owning one, it would be painful, but would cause no toxicity to us. There venom is not nearly concentrated enough to ever elicit an effect on us, so no worries in that category! Our Hognose got to be just over a foot long, which is fairly common, and we kept him in a 3x1.5x1.5 habitat. That seemed to be plenty big for him and we never experienced any issues in that regard. There diet consisted primarily of dead mice; babies when the snake was smaller and adults as he grew larger. I have heard that live mice can bite the snake, which is ironic in a sense, and is not recommended due to the potential damage a bite could cause. We stuck with dead mice just to be safe. The most enjoyable part of owning a Hognose was his display of theatrics when stressed. We didn't handle him often, but he never failed to put on a show when we did. I am sure you have seen the videos or heard the description if you are in the market for one, but I have to tell you, it is completely true! Him puffing up, letting out air and acting like the big man on campus never failed to entertain us. He would roll-over and play dead at times, which was hilarious, but not nearly as common. Once this show was over, if we still wanted to pick him up, we could and the Hognose would act as thought nothing happened. Such a showman!
I highly recommend this snake if you are on the fence with getting a scaly creature. They are entertaining, easy to care for and will pose no harm to you. Just remember that they do require attention, so don't go thinking it is a complete walk in the park!

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