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Skink Lizard Warriors


United States

Posted May 10, 2016

Here I've written a review about the Skinks along with tips I learned while having them. After the tips section I've included an interesting story about how my Skinks died.
First off you need to build a little habitat with some stones, branches (bare branches free of leaves) and some mulch or soil in an aquarium; you can liven it up by putting little the little castles and homes they sell for fish. If you want to have multiple Skinks you need to make sure they are about the same species and about the same size. I had several female Skinks because males can occasionally compete with each other.
Once you've taken care of the habitat you need to make sure they have food. I usually just fed my Skinks crickets but I later learned that crickets are poor nutrition for lizards. Crickets can also carry pinworms but if your not worried about the Skinks living a long time ( they live between 3-20 years) then watching them chase down and chomp up crickets is fun. It's ok to gently touch the Skinks if you wash your hands really good but they are not holding pets so I don't recommend it. Because of this, watching them eat crickets is probably the most fun you'll get out of taking care of them. Like many reptiles, Skinks and their aquariums can start to smell a bit but the smell is actually rather earthy and nice.
Once in awhile we would give them lettuce, but they will also eat red lettuce, kale and some other soft greens. I didn't know it at the time but there's a very long list of things that Skinks can eat including: Boiled chicken, plums, snails, watermelon and a variety of other things. I've heard earthworms are good feed but you shouldn't buy the ones they use for bait and you might have to cut them up. Funfact: Skinks can even eat canned dog or cat food (free of taurine).
*Try to put your Skink Aquarium in a warm spot.
*Don't just throw food in there, measure out the food so they don't over eat. I usually them two teaspoons of crickets or lettuce for each Skink.
*Again, don't buy Skinks if you want a pet you can physically play with and hold. If you want a lizard you can hold and stroke all the time I recommend horned lizards. You can touch the skinks and, very gently, stroke their backs, but unless you get them use to that when they are young they will just run from you.
*Clean out the cage and make a new habitat AT LEAST once a year.
*If you give them live food or something that spoils, like dogfood or chicken, then make sure you take what they dont eat out of the aquarium so it doesn't draw small pests.
*Feed once every two days, if you feed them every day you run the risk of them over eating.
*If you see any kind of small bugs crawling around the aquarium then you really should quarentine the skinks in a box or large brown paper bag while you clean out their entire aquarium and replace the infested environment with some new mulch and branches.
(Skink lizard warriors)
Like a lot of young children I always wanted to have a pet I could call my own, when I was eight my mother finally broke down and bought me three small lizards. The lizards were Skink lizards and they looked quite a bit like green geckos with beautiful emerald scales. I wasn't really allowed to touch the lizards but sometimes I put my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys in the cage and talked to them so they wouldn't be lonely. Unfortunately I had a habit of sneaking food into my room even though we had a problem with bugs and I had been told not to. During one late afternoon I got it into my head that I should bring a cup of juice into my room so I wouldn't have to walk all the way to the fridge when I woke up thirsty. I remember putting the juice in a glass Loony Toon's cup and hiding it in my closet. I put the cup of juice right next to the aquarium so the Skinks could guard it. Sadly I forgot about the Juice and ants came.
The ants got the juice and were for some reason drawn to something in the aquarium with the Skinks. When I came into my room in the afternoon the next day I remembered the juice in the closet. I actually picked the cup up and got it to my mouth before I felt the ants on my skin and saw they were crawling all over the side of the glass; I dropped the juice and screamed until my mom came. When my dad cleaned up the ants he saw that they had invaded the aquarium in massive numbers and the lizards were dead. The Skinks were all standing on top of a rock where they were frozen in place. The ants had not bothered the lizards but as they crawled all over them the lizards had died of what looked like a heart attack or shock. It really upset me when I saw the ants crawling all over my Skinks and even more when my mom reminded me that it happened because I had brought food into my room like they had told me not to. I was really devastated I killed my little friends but my dad told me he wanted to show me something so I reluctantly went to go look into the cage again.
My dad said that when he was cleaning out the cage he found hundreds of dead ants. My dad told me a story about how the ants had come to my room and would have got into my bed and crawled all over me but the lizards had instead distracted them and lured them into the cage with some of the dead crickets they had not eaten. My dad told me that the reason there were so many dead ants was because the lizards had fought the ants and killed as many as they could to protect me; the Skinks had made their last stand on the rock where they ate and killed ants until they died of exhaustion. My dad convinced me the lizards had died protecting me and, because he was so convincing, I'm still not sure that what he wasn't the truth - My dad is a pretty cool guy like that. The Skinks were frozen solid and for some reason even their feet were stuck to the rock so my mom let me take them to school. I showed everyone at school the frozen Skinks and I remember most of the boys thinking my story of how they had died defending me was awesome. Most of the girls were grossed out but there were a couple of cool ones, one of which became my childhood sweetheart (maybe because she was impressed by my lizards).
During recess I took the lizards outside and for a moment I was king of the school as so many kids crowded around me to hear me tell about the brave lizards that even a few of the teachers came over to listen and see. Many of the kids helped me dig a huge hole in the dirt and we gave the Skinks a soldiers burial where many of us saluted the brave scaly warriors. We buried them because one of the teachers suggested I should bury them somewhere in the field next to the trees and make a grave site so that kids could go visit the grave and hear about the story. This turned out to be a wonderful idea it seems when I returned to school a couple years after I had graduated because I had to walk through the recess field to get to the park, I went to the grave site and some kids came over to visit the big kid 'me' and ask me if I knew about the lizards. They were really impressed when I told them I was the one that was saved by the lizards and I was really impressed kids had passed on the story.

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