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Posted Mar 18, 2016

I've seen many different lizards at pet stores, but none have ever had quite the personality this one does. She tilts her head when people are talking to her. She follows them with her eyes. She likes to run around with the cats. She truly is adorable. She's also very easy to care for. She has a calcium sand habitat that only requires changing every so often. Like a litter box, scooping frequently is recommended, but a full change (emptying out) is infrequent. Ours in particular is on a lettuce-primary diet. She gets it once a day. She also gets meal worms, as a treat.

Now, with the meal worms, if they are left in the tank (given how hot it is) they will die. Then, the lizard won't eat them, and they'll start to decay. Best to clear out unfinished food, either way.

On the negative side of ownership, they are not cheap. They have two lightening fixtures, UVB and Heat Lamp, both with are costing upfront. They also require replacing more often than I've seen other lamps of a similar type need. So, expect that the lights will go out, flicker, and you'll need to buy bulbs and fixtures constantly. Also, if you're getting one from a pet store, make sure to check for mites. They tend to get under the skin and are virtually invisible while there. Also, most reptiles, but I've noticed with this one, are extremely antisocial if they are shedding. This can be anywhere from a week to three. They strike with their tails when they are upset, or uncomfortable, and it'll leave quite the mark. I've never been bitten by mine, but I hear if you are, you will require stitches.

It's the same with any animal. Get a feel for your pets personality, and make sure you're not pushing them out of their comfort zone, or making them unhappy.

Over all, compared to other lizards, I'd say this is a good starter breed. Given that they don't require a lot of work, and are rather friendly.

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