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Posted Mar 01, 2014

My brother and I got a box turtle from one of our friends who just didn't want it anymore. Since we were not allowed to have a dog, and we really wanted a pet, we agreed to take it in. That turtle/tortoise was the easiest pet to take care of! Basically, he just walked around his little habitat, drank water from his shell bowl, and ate the turtle food we game him. He also slept. But, for a turtle, he was pretty visible.

At least a couple of times a week, my brother and I would take the turtle outside to play with in the front yard. By play, I mean we would set it down on the grass and watch it walk (and it was pretty fast for a turtle), while we ran and delightfully screeched around it. We'd also pick it up a few times to stare at it with fascination.

Every weekend, we also had to clean out its habitat. That was pretty easy, too. We just wiped off the fake green turf, cleaned the water bowl, and wiped down the overall container. It took all of five or ten minutes.

Our turtle lived for about two years with us before it died. We're not sure how/why it died. We don't know how old it was and we never saw it seem like it was sick. Just one day, my brother and I were outside playing and he said, "I'm gonna go get Turdie." I knew something was wrong as soon as he came running outside with it. Its head was limp and one of its eyes was a little sunken in. My brother was only four and couldn't tell. I told my parents, my brother cried, and we buried it next to my chick that had died about a year before.

A tortoise/box turtle is the perfect first pet for any kid. They are so easy to care for, so no massive vet bills or anything, and feeding them is easy. They also don't make a mess in your house and don't require any kind of training.

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