Jewelled Curly-tailed Lizard

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Posted Jun 29, 2015

This is a very beautiful lizard. I fell in love at first sight because of the coloring and the price. Like most reptiles, they will require a heat source, preferably a ceramic bulb (which can be left on day or night without adding a glow) and a UVB bulb for vitamin D synthesis. Their needs are fairly standard, requiring live mealworms and crickets. They also should be offered some baby applesauce from time to time (gutloading the live feed is good, too). They prefer to burrow into their substrate which should be a mix of sand and peat for the right humidity. I've also used shredded aspen but I was not happy with it, but it is suitable (never use pine or cedar bedding as the oils are toxic to most small pets!)

I obtained a couple of females and at one point one of them actually produced some eggs. Since I did not have a proper set up (and there wasn't much information available to me about breeding them) the egg never hatched. Shortly after I rehomed my lizards when I moved to Japan, so I never was able to follow through with breeding them.

Although they would disappear for long periods in the substrate, never fear, they do emerge from time to time to take up a striking pose under the lights. Someday I'll make another set up and get my hands on some more. They aren't lizards you can handle (very fast, like anoles, and skittish) but are striking in the right setup.

Note: these are not Haitian Curly-Tailed Lizards (Leiocephaus Schreibersii), as someone else in the comments accidentally posted a picture of one. When Googling, it is easy to accidentally confuse them and get the wrong info. Same is true if you try to special order one from a pet store.. Handy to print a picture in that case. I speak from experience.

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