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Posted Feb 14, 2016

Finally, I had the chance to really decide.."What next?" The animal that I had in mind, had to be thought out, unlike how I did before. I have always been infatuated with wild reptiles; but actually owning one? I thought I was ready to say the least. I couldn't have been more wrong.

With a heavy heart, I always have to bring myself to say, "Sorry Buddy".
Iguanas are one of the most exotic reptiles that are still dominating in their abundance of regions worldwide. If you are not thoroughly prepared on how to care for this creature; you will be experiencing some difficulty in long term care of this animal as your pet.

Regardless what any pet store tells you, these Green Iguanas become GIANT Green Iguanas. I never knew, or even bothered to consider this fact! The fact of the matter is, these big boys (and girls) can grow to be 5-6 feet tall. I thought that my Buddy was just a baby lizard, and it was only normal for him to grow at such a rapid rate. Wrong. Oh, how wrong I was!

After changing his habitat to an aquarium to a bigger aquarium, to having to build him his own custom lizard palace, I stopped by the local pet store to ask why. Much to my surprise, they were surprised on how big they were too! I guess the pet store was just a place to "shell" out the animals for profit, not to enrich the lives of others with knowing extensive knowledge of the animals there.

Getting over all the frustration, I just accommodated his growth with improving the length of his customized lizard palace. One day, we had scheduled to have our home deep cleaned. It was that particular day that still makes me regret being convinced on getting it done that day instead of the next week. My girlfriend at the time had placed him outside while we rearranged the inside of the home.

I remember spending at least 3-4 hours getting everything situated inside. I finally remember that Buddy was left outside (in the hot Arizona sun, at that).

Sure enough, he was long gone.

He was my Buddy, and my pal. Thanks Trish.

So, if you are considering getting a Green Iguana; make sure you do extensive research on this beautiful and exotic species. They are very exciting animals to own and play with, you will be easily captivated in making your house a home for him.

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