Green Anole

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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 05, 2019

I gained this wonderful little lizard when I was about 9 years old. I had found him outside my door lethargic, beat up, pale, and tailless. I was sure my cat had decided to play with him. I decided, for his own good, to bring him inside and get him away from danger. Honestly, my cat had probably left him as a "gift," but this one had fortunately still been alive. We ended up setting up one of our old fish aquariums for him with the fancy blue pebbles. We added some branches from outside and, until we could get a proper one, we used a tupperware lid as a low water source for him. We then prayed he'd survive before going online to research his basic needs. After gathering plenty of information, we headed down to the local store and purchased some crickets and other necessities. He was absolutely thrilled when we came home and dropped a handful of crickets in his tank. He was now a little more alert and very willing to eat. This was a relief.

Over the next few weeks, he got stronger, his color got brighter, and his tail grew in. His tail was actually pretty interesting as it decided to grow in with two points that looked like a bottle-opener. It was super cool! This little Lizard had pulled through and was super appreciative of our help. He enjoyed hanging out with us, sitting on our shoulders while watching TV or using the computer. His cage was super easy to clean. All we did was give it a good vinegar rinse every so often and replace the old, dead branches with new ones (Which he loved because it made everything new). He was super easy to feed and it was a thrill to watch how he'd grab the crickets we would drop in. I highly recommend The Green Anole to anyone who is just getting into and dabbling with the idea of lizard ownership as they are super easy and inexpensive to own and can help you get an idea of if it is something you really want, but watch out, their bites, although small, can hurt if you annoy them or they don't know you very well.

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