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Posted Aug 19, 2014

These little lizards are extremely common in outdoors in my area. They have the ability to change colors to camouflage themselves for survival and are so pretty to watch.

I have found a few of these little guys inside my house. Especially in the cold weather, they like to find warm spots to ride out the cold. The last one I found in my closet was bright green sitting on the shoulder of blue fabric. He was either so relaxed or dehydrated that he didn't put up any kind of fight when I reached out for him.

Since these guys are so tiny and fragile when you reach out to catch one remember to cup your hands over it. I love these lizards not only because they're so pretty but because they eat mosquitoes.

These little lizards aren't really friendly. Instinctively they clamp onto your finger or whatever they can bite to defend themselves. The bigger ones can really cause a pinch. And they never let go. Those little green guys can just clamp on and stay that way for hours. I'm pretty sure I wore some for earrings when I played outside.

So, in my pictures this little guy has a blueberry in his mouth. I ended up having to remove tiny pieces of blueberry from this little guy's mouth just to let you know I did a bad thing buy handing him a blueberry.

When have a lizard in your hand, cupping the other, place the lizard on it's back in your cupped hand and sort of hold him there gently. I've never seen one wriggle to get back onto it's feet.

After the lizard is relaxed you can take your other hand and pointing with your index finger go in circles over his face. This makes the lizard dizzy and it will fall asleep in your hand. It'll stay there for quite a while, hours maybe even.

When I was a kid my neighbor would catch all the lizards she could and put them in a cage in her house. I was never fond of all those little green lizards trapped in there because I didn't think they ate enough food or got everything they needed to live.

Hope you liked hearing about my garden variety lizards!

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