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The Fire, It Burns!!!



Posted Apr 18, 2014

It was once very long ago that I happened into a local pet store that is sadly no longer open (I need my exotic fix) for legitimate reasons (she had a baby) but none the less a disappointment to a very young me.

It was in that store I purchased a fire skink, one with beautiful oranges and reds, on whose colors played with my imagination and beckoned me to empty my wallet in a mad dash to secure literally everything I would need to house the lizard on its own amongst an seemingly endless sea of reptiles, amphibians, snakes and spiders. Oh, and let's not forget the turtles I had, that right, I am talking about spike and red (I know, very creative names) I miss having you guys around you know. I remember this being one of my first experiences with owning a tank filled with a sand and bark mixture, and I would have to say that it would be advisable to ask what substrate would be best (I was going through this weird decorative phase) and I normally advise against any sand based substrate as I have heard of bad experiences, though never personally had one.

This lizard kept my writing desk ample company for a good 4 maybe 5 years and was always a joy to look at. I do advise limiting your interaction to just looking as they have rather sharp claws and also are extremely shy. Oddly enough, when feeding time rolls around, they trade in their shy temperament for a more dominant one and will greedily defend their food at all costs. So yes, they are extremely easy to feed, and you will not have to worry about fasting spells with them.

You will also not need to worry about another drab and boring color pattern, as they poses some of the most breath taking coats of color available in the trade.

So what does this all boil down too? Is this something I would recommend owning? Yes, and one that I would suggest has a great ability to lighten up an otherwise dull room in the house. They may not be exactly handle friendly, but sometimes, we buy pets for their beauty and respect the fact that they are not meant to be touched. That is truly an expression of adhering to the call of the wild, and, it is a call I suggest you answer dear reader.

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