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Posted Apr 12, 2014

There comes a point in every pet owners life when you desire a new challenge, something different, something generally unknown, and for me that point came in the form of an emerald tree boa. I have often thought about what it was that drove me to spend so much on a snake, and what made me go for the boa as my foray into owning something unlike anything I have ever owned.

The fact is, that I would not recommend this to anyone who lacks experience with temperamental animals. Nor would I suggest this as the type of animal to own if you desire a pleasant interaction with it. But I would recommend that when you have more experience, you should pick one up. You will of course need to make some room in your house for these guys ( and your bank account as they are now averaging over a grand in price) but be prepared to be rewarded for you hard work. You will want to get them as new borns, and you will enjoy their growth to maturity.

They will start off a magnificent crimson and yellow in coloration with a bold white diamond pattern. This is a short lived color pattern as the growth to maturity will turn yellow with a green belly, and the white diamond pattern will also become more bold and evocative. Truly they are a marvel for the eyes. The sad fact about them is the feeding temperament they carry. It is something they will never realistically grow out of.

They will bite, and fast, as their jaw can open to a full 180 degrees which will be used against you over and over again. They have the uncanny ability to strike you well over a couple dozen times before you can get away. It is not to be held against the animal because at the end of the day it is up to you to read the signals they give. That can really only be accurately obtained through experience, but all that aside, I suggest that you experience these wonderful creatures for yourself.

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