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Are Common Snapping Turtles Good Pets?


United States

Posted Mar 08, 2014

My experience with the common snapping turtle was very intriguing to me. My snapping turtle name was Jonah. Jonah was a stray snapping turtle that I had found one day roaming in my backyard who I ended up keeping for four years.

Here are some common traits, advantages, and disadvantages for those who are interested in owning a common snapping turtle. Beginners and advanced reptile owners. Common habitats of snapping turtles are ponds, lakes, or streams. They are omnivores who eat plants and animal matter.

They are very good hunters when in water preying on various invertebrates, fish, frogs, and birds. They can become very aggressive if away from water too long, but rarely bite humans if they don't feel harmed or stressed. Snapping turtles can also become very shy when not wanting to be disturbed they will stay inside their shells for various amounts of time or days.

Snapping turtles can become aggressive if felt endangered in its environment. Snapping turtles don't make good pets if you have a variety of other pets around. Snapping turtles are not ideal pets especially for beginners.

They could be ideal for those who are experienced reptile carers and lovers. I would also say not to try and pick up a snapping turtle by its tail because it could hurt the snapping turtle. The best way to handle a snapping turtle is to pick it up by its flat part of the shell structure to prevent lacerations or bites.

When a snapping turtle is stressed it can and will occasionally release a musky odor smell. Overall my four years of experience with the common snapping turtle has been at first hard but, over the years enjoyable and intriguing. They are very interesting and loves environments that are peaceful to say the most.

Would I recommend this as a beginners pet absolutely not, but I will say having a snapping turtle at one point did teach me discipline, patience, and how to be very strategic. So if you have patience, endurance, or just a fascination for snapping turtles I say go for it regardless!!

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