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Albino Burmese Python


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Posted Oct 14, 2014

I purchased a Burmese python as a gift to my boyfriend - as he was an avid snake lover and had always wanted one. The snake was already an ample size when I purchased it, but as a whole, Burmese pythons are pretty hardy snakes and if fed frequently and well, they grow quickly. These pythons can grown upwards of 15-20 feet in length and longer. However, their growth is also affected by the size of their enclosure. The biggest mistake people make is that they buy an average sized snake only to have it grown up and become a potentially life threatening animal that can eat other substantially large animals. The python problem plaguing large portions of the southern US has been caused by people raising these large animals and letting them go outside due to the fact they can no longer keep them.

Initially, the python was docile and easy to handle, but it grew very quickly, and the interest in holding it waned. As such, it became harder and harder to handle until we no longer wanted to stick our hands in the cage with it. Burmese pythons have a tendency for aggression and aren't as people-friendly as other domesticated snakes. Once it became impossible to handle it, we, too, had to sell it. This time, it was sold to someone who wanted to breed it. The snake was unsafe to be around others. As these snakes grow, they can potentially consume the family pet, and even go after very small children.

Although the snake was beautiful and initially captivating, it quickly grew into a monstrosity of an animal, which no longer became "fun." Once again, I was an irresponsible pet owner. Make sure, before buying ANY pet, especially one that lives for a large number of years, or can grow up to unmanageable size, you do you homework and are willing to TRULY invested your time and energy into that pet. Just because the snake wasn't a dog or cat, it still required a large amount of contact time and upkeep. Animals in cages require you go to them. As a pet owner, you must really make the efforts necessary to insure the lives of your pet is just as enriched by your presence as you are by theirs.

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