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Frodo and his girls :)


Bangor, Gwynedd, United Kingdom

Posted Jun 18, 2011

I have wanted Bearded Pygmy Chameleons for years, ever since my boyfriend got me into the world of keeping Chams and we got our first one (a veiled called Yoshi) over 2 years ago. I spent months searching for these Chameleons and was starting to feel like it was never going to happen. I found a pet shop about an hour away from my home that sold them but everytime I went there or called the shop they said "we have none, call next friday" but after weeks of trying I was getting fed up and found some online from a breeder that had the chams shipped to me overnight.... and the best bit was the 3 chams plus shipping cost £19 less than 3 chams from the pet shop not including 2 hours car travel and petrol so I'm happy now lol
I love these little Chameleons, they don't need UV lights or a heat/basking lamp. (although some people may tell you differently) They don't need a huge Terrarium which is great. I have a 45x45x60 exo-terra terrarium and apparently that can easily accomodate 5 Bearded Pygmy Chameleons, I only have 3. I like that you can keep these chams together as a group as long as you only have one male, infact it's recommended to have more that 1 female as the male is sexually active all year round and it makes his life better lol. The eggs also do not need to be incubated as long as the temp and humidity is good. I keep mine at a temp of 65-75 and the humidity at about 70-80% They are ground dwellers but I have vines and live plants which the male loves to climb, the females prefer walking around on the substrate, I use plantation soil, sphagnum moss and leaf litter, I also have branches and rocks. They eat crickets preferably the banded ones as they don't bite size- pinhead to 3rds. I spray the terrarium with water once a day to keep the humidity up.
The Chameleons! ok so they are small and brown in colour, Males have a longer tail than the females and are smaller. The females tend to stay a light brown colour, sometimes turning black in the darkest part of the terrarium whereas the male stays light brown but gets a black stripe down his side and 2 black spots. He also gets funny striped eyes. They have little beady black eyes which is funny because my veiled chameleon has yellow eyes with black pupils. They don't mind being handled (although I have read they shouldn't be as it stresses them out) everyone has a different way of dealing with chams and I chose to handle mine. end of story. The female are quite active and never seem to stay in the same spot long, but the male can usually be found on the tree or parlour palm. I feed mine from a tub due to not wanting them to eat the substrate.
What I use to house my chams:
Exo-terra terrarium 45x45x60 you can use a bigger or smaller Terrarium depending on how many chams you keep.
Plantation soil substrate (some people layer the bottom of the terrarium with clay balls, membrane and then substrate, as this prevents water logging)
Live plants, Plastic plants, Rock, Sphagnum moss (This helps keep humidity up) and Tree branches.
Thermometer and Hygrometer
Plastic tub for crickets (I feed my chams on banded 2nds)
Points to Remember!!
These Chameleons should not get too cold but will die from over heating, They should be kept at roughly room temp of about 65-75 allowing the temp to drop at night (the lowest mine has dropped is to 60)
They need lots of floor space and dark places to hide as they are used to being on the forest floor, they may get stressed out if hiding places are not available.
Do not let the Terrarium get water logged, do not use a water feature such as a waterfall and do not leave a small bowl of water for them to drink from as they can easily drown in a very small amount of water! They get their water from you spraying the terrarium, they drink water droplets from the plants.

OVERALL, They are gorgeous, easy to care for, funny little Chameleons and despite having 3 almost Identical Chams I can tell them apart by their big personnalities! They are also cheap to maintain and pretty cheap to start off with! I paid £22.50 per cham with a £7.50 discount for buying 3. Would definetly recommend them :)
Thanks for reading!!

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