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Wellington, New Zealand

Posted Oct 13, 2016

I adopted this bearded dragon, called Scuffles, a few years ago from a family who was leaving NZ to go back to the UK. In fact, I took their last blue-tongued lizard as well, because they were leaving the next day and still hadn't sold it and were starting to panic. But back to the dragon - what a wonderfully distinctive look these lizards have. They really do look like little dinosaurs. (And who doesn't want to own a pet dinosaur!)

In my experience, these dragons are quite chilled with occasions of activity. They do, of course, like other lizards, spend an inordinate amount of time sleeping and lazing around (I'm just jealous). But Scuffles does want to come out of his tank every now and then. He lets us know by scratching at the glass and bumping his nose against the glass too. At least, I think he's asking to come out of the tank - pretty hard to tell for sure. So I get him out of the tank and let him run around the living room wherein he dashes around, exploring all the nooks and crannies. He usually finishes up by sitting on a log by the French doors and watches the world outside for hours. I did buy a lead for him a while back as I thought he'd enjoy going outside in the grass and sun, but it turned out that it just scared him. Maybe if you had a young dragon and got it used to being on a lead outdoors, it would work. I think mine is too old and set in his ways now.

Bearded dragons are very funny to watch when running. They pick up their legs really high. It's hard to describe in words, but it never fails to amuse me when I see it.

It's easy to keep a dragon once you've done the whole tank set up thing. They're easy to handle, rare to bite and will sometimes sit quietly on your knee (other times run around madly). I'll definitely get more dragons once Scuffles has gone. Top lizard I'd say. Not for kids as they're probably too boring though.

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