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2090, South Africa

Posted Apr 14, 2013

This one was a headache and a half, I didn't have it for too long too - but there were good times either way.
When I first saw it at the pet store in Hillfox, it totally freaked me out! Expanding its throat revealing those spines and almost flattening its body to seem wider. And me being one for weird things I knew I had to have one...
The pet store owner told me about their thermoregulation, which is when reptiles move from sunny areas to shady areas and vise versa to regulate their body temperature, so we immediately designed it's enclosure to have a hot spot and a cold spot (what did I say about a headache?)
Feeding it was one of the most complicated things I've ever had to do, if I can remember, it has a varied diet, live prey - waxworms, mealworms, crickets, and sometimes fuzzy mice. It should be fed insects on a daily, like crickets, the mealworms every two days, and the waxworms every couple of weeks. Also shredded vegetables twice a week (that headache's more like a migraine now huh)
This was the only guy I had that had to eat salads haha, all salads had to be dusted with a vitamin and mineral supplement, oh and I would get a lecture about "washing my hands" afterwards every time I handled it, sheesh. Not only that, but every thing in the enclosure had to be washed and disinfected every week, chlorine and alcohol cleaners - thoroughly rinsed! (Did I say migraine? I meant guillotine through the dome!)

Fair warning, if you're alone on this one don't even think about it - it'll die in less than a week ! I'm sure glad I had a responsible parent then to notice when it was becoming unbearable and sent it back to the store..
For what its worth it was pretty cool though !

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