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I'm not usually a reptile person..


Florida, United States

Posted May 13, 2013

I'm as "girly" as it gets when it comes to animals of the reptile kind. I was nervous when a friend suggested that I take the young snake from her. I do have to say that I don't regret taking the snake from her. What I regret is not learning all I could about the breed before taking on the task.

Feeding was a big con for me. Throwing a live mouse/rat into the cage was not my favorite part of the week. I would usually dump the animal from the box into his cage and run as fast as I could outside the back door. During the winter months, he would pick and choose if he wanted to eat, which left me with a mouse companion.

When he would shed, his eyes would be covered for long periods of time. This impaired his vision horribly. He wouldn't know who was reaching for him, so he would warn us by snapping. He was paranoid during these times, making it difficult to hold him or clean his cage.

One of the great things about having this snake was how loving he was. He would cuddle with me while I played video games. He would even sniff my dogs and cats without attacking. He was a very gentle snake with minimal needs.

Another great thing about having Bo-Bo was how little maintenance he required. I am so used to the daily chores required with having a cat and dog; having weekly chores made it more enjoyable to pull him out and play with him.

This snake does enjoy his hiding spaces as well. He was much more active at night, which I figured he would be. I wouldn't claim him to be a trophy snake. He is definitely more of an independent pet.

I would recommend this animal for people who need someone to just hold for a while, that doesn't need a whole bunch of attention. I wouldn't recommend this animal for people who have young kids, in worry of the kid angering the snake by doing something it may not enjoy. Always monitor their time together.

I would own one again, if it weren't for the feeding.

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