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Off hand, I can't remember all of my animal adventures. But I have two that really stand out.

On the third day that my family and I had our cat Annie, she fell into the wash machine that was in our laundry room (her bedroom at the time). I was the only one home. Next I heard meowing, caused by her falling into the wash machine. So I acted quickly and pulled her out of there. And when my mother and sister got home, I told them what happened and they commended me for it.

On the day of the 2009 Boston Marathon, I was home alone with my dog, Suzie. I was in the processing of fixing something to eat. But then the power went out. I was annoyed and hungry, so I went out to get a snack wrap from McDonald's. Susie was scared and I didn't want to leave her behind, so I took her with me. The ride was fun, as the guy who handed me my snack wrap talked to my dog, by asking "Having fun with daddy?" I thought it was a very sincere gesture on that guy's part. Especially when you consider the strong bond that Suzie and I have with each other.

Well, that's all I have for now. But I'll be sure to have more pet stories for you all.

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