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I have shown, bred and trained dogs for over 15 years and was a 'pet owner' before that.   My first breed were shelties, which I adored.   Nearly nine years ago I found the 'Northern Inuit' dog and was literally bowled over by the breed.   I got very involved with this 'breed' and eventually became Chairperson of the NIS.   However, I wasn't happy about the ethics of this group so set up TIDA, only to be disillusioned by the apathy within this group who were more interested in having a good time than improving the breed.
Northern Inuit dogs are chronically inbred, resulting in increased health issues.   I will never breed another NI x NI and believe that the only way to produce a viable, healthy wolf lookalike is to cross the best NI with proven, health tested wolfdogs.   I am now doing this and have been amazed at what a difference it makes to the resulting puppies.   This year (2009) I have produced the best puppies ever!   I am continuing my research into the origins of the NI - which has a very clouded and conflicting history - but am working with the British Wolfdog Club to produce superior dogs.

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Boston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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Boston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom


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