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we are retired and just celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary. We very recently lost our pet
Named Somo, a sable peke. He had bone cancer in his left back knee. He was very healthy and was full of life so after x rays of his lungs and organs we decided with our vet who is very
respected to have his leg removed. He was doing very well but he stopped eating. We went back to our vet and after a hard and long pro and con assessment we decided to put him to sleep. It was a very tough decision. We are waiting for his ashes. We knew immediately since it is
Spring to get a new pet. I have applies to peke n chin Midwest for a Tibetan spaniel named Quinn, a 6 months old male. We really love the idea of a puppy and also want a male. We are excellent dog parents. I love cats very much and over the years have had 6 cats all living to
The ripe old age from 15 to 20 years. We had one other dog named Baron, a beautiful collie. He lived to the age of 14 and he was smart, gentle, fun, and loved cats. Especially kittens. As you can see we are pet lovers and believe in pet rescue. When we lived in St.paul we had a wooded
Area behind our house and lots of ferrel cats that I would live trap and had a link to several of the save a animal programs. Now we live between Webster and Danbury Wi. and we are home all the time and need a new furry friend to love and watch him grow. I really enjoy teaching a dog to come, sit and stay and rewarded for there understanding. We have never had a pet with
sad issues so really love is the perfect reward. There are no cars going by but we never let our pet outside without us love to keep up on grooming and baths. We have a really nice groomer
Only 8 miles from our house. Thank you for listening to my essay. Linda Kissane
1-715-866-5432. Tbclindak@gmail.com. wildwood Estates small Manufactured home park

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Wisconsin, United States


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