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We are Royal Rascals Cattery located in Southern California. My name is Jeanne, and I have been a breeder for over 7 years. My first kitten was Princess "TARRA"Chatty, our leading lady. When several people expressed an interest in one of her kittens, I shopped around until I found Prince Sydney "ROYCE", who has proven to be perfect for my princess. Initially, I was not intending to be a breeder, but the experience went so well with Royce and Tarra's babies that I am now committed to breeding and raising this beloved gorgeous cat. Royce and Tarra had a beautiful baby girl after about 2 years who stole my heart in the first 4 or 5 weeks of age, and by the time she was able to climb up onto my bed and purr until I opened my eyes, I needed to keep her. She is a beautiful copper-eyed doll face Persian, and Prince "ZACHARY" Tanner is her sweetheart. He is a happy, playful, loving boy, and is smitten on Ciarra. They have had beautiful babies and are both wonderful parents. The name "HALIA" means "unexpected gift." I was no intending to bring another baby girl into our family, but stumbled upon her when I was advertising our available kittens. Her blue-blue eyes caught me immediately and I drove seventy miles that evening to pick her up and bring her home. Princess "HALIA" Blue and Prince Zachary have their first babies due the 7th of October, 2011, and we can hardly wait to see them. We invite you to visit our website for dozens of pictures and more about our story: http://www.royalrascalscattery.com and I invite you to visit our guest book located at the bottom of the first website page. You will read the testimonies of the families and individuals who have purchased one or more of our Royal Rascals. Their testimonies are our references. We are trustworthy, responsible, reliable, and experienced. We work very hard to perfect what it takes to deliver well-adjusted, well-socialized, happy, healthy, loving, adorable Persian and Himalayan kittens. We want you to be totally satisfied and thrilled having a Royal Rascal in your home. Come visit us on our website and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about this luxuriously beautiful animal. Thank you.

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