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I had a dog which was named Bonke. It was a lovely pet. It grew steadily under my watch to become one of the greatest companion I have ever known. I realized that it had great ability to trace the road back home on its own without any lead. That was an experience I couldn't forget. Bonke accompanied me to deliver on an errand. I came out and thought Bonke was lost. I was practically crying until I got home to meet Bonke give me a fantastic welcome. What a great ability. I later discovered that Bonke could sniff the ground and distinguish our own steppings from thousands of others on the same road and through that trace every step of the way back home. Again, Bonke had a great welcoming skill. The moment I appear at the junction to the house (which is about 100 meteres away from the junction), especially if i'm just arriving from a journey, Bonke begins to run with ecstasy towards me and on getting to where I am, it would stand upright with her arms leaning on my thigh until I rob her head. What a usually wonderful experience this always was for me.


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