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 am a long time pet owner and new breeder and handler.  i have several yorkies that share my home and life.  i think it is very important that people find the right breed of dog to share their lives with.  the right dog is a joy to live with while the wrong dog can be a nightmare.  i love yorkies.  they are smart, loving, independent, and beautiful. they are also stubborn!  this can be overcome with the right dicipline. i don't mean hitting or rubbing their nose in their accidents.  yorkies respond beautifully to positive re-inforcement.  not only treats but praise and petting.  the last dog i was showing would only repond to my tone of voice in the ring...he couldn't have cared less what kind of bait i had in my hand or pocket. now out of the ring he loved his treats and toys,  but in the ring he wanted only a loving tone of voice and praise.

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Alabama, United States


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