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I am XX = old. I have had fish for 44 yrs thanks to a neighbor lady. MY kids all has fish tanks in their rooms when they were born right by their crib. To this day they all have 2 or more fish tanks  =^  )

Thses Midas  are agressive fish in my book. They love lettuce and minnows are in  thier diet. I  have had crayfish that they had picked clean by  the next morning. I had put in 5 medium bala sharks in one night they had eaten them bones in all in one night. They are comical,act lik they are always starving.I have 2 pair that have nested and laid eggs next to each other.I own a wolf dog and 2 ungreatful cats. A wonderful husband and 2  grown kids. I live in California. I also have 2 red eared slider turtles that are 37 yrs old plus 3 adoptees.

I am no expert on anything just blessed with great pets!  I love kids,animals,and old people and I will always protect them.

And God..well he is my best friend.


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laguna hills, California, United States


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