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East Greenville, Pennsylvania, United States

Pat W

I have been involved with Border Collies for 15 years owing, training and competing in agility 12+ years, and as a foster home for Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue 5 years.  I fell in love with this breed while living in the UK many years ago. Their intensity, desire to please, work ethinc, and bidability just won me over.  Ownership started with a border collie mix, Kipper taught me many things about the breed, Next was Ashe a petstore refugee at 12 weeks, he was a wonderful introduction to the wonderful world of border collies, a true gentleman, patient, gentle, smart, athletic, he grew up with my two children, went on to become an agility champion, Therapy dog , and the best friend a boy could have. Sadly Ashe crossed the bridge last year at age 15. In addition to Ashe our pack consists of Riley a 9 yr old australian shepherd, Meg 8.5 yr old border collie rescued at 12 weeks, Whim 2.5yr old Border Collie rescued at 12 wks and our newest additon Why? rescued at about 1 yr old .  I have been involved with Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue where Meg, Whim and Why? have all come from, for the last 5 years as a foster home.  I love helping people understand this wonderful breed and all their ideocyncracies, phobias, and joys. Their overwhelming need for a job along with their need for mental and physical exercise


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East Greenville, Pennsylvania, United States


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