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When first becoming involved with llamas we asked ourselves, “miniature or standard, which way should we go?” We originally decided standards were right for us. An adult standard llama can weigh upwards of 450 pounds and can walk up and look you in the eye or even over the top of your head. They are intelligent, big, imposing and the most gentle, loving animals we have ever known. We call our standard llamas “Gentle Giants”. If you intend to use your llamas for packing, pulling a cart or as a guard llama, standard llamas are often the best choice.

Then, a few years ago we started learning more about minis and decided we needed both! Llamas three years of age or older that measure 38 inches or less at the front withers can be registered as a miniature. A llama under 3 years of age may be registered as a immature mini only if it's mother (Dam) is a registered mature mini llama or as foundation stock (no more than 40 inches at the front withers) and the father (Sire) is a registered mature mini llama. As of the Fall of 2011 there are less than 1,000 registered miniature llamas world wide. All our minis are registered miniature llamas. Miniature llamas have the same temperament and individual personalities as standards; loving, gentle and demanding of our attention and affection only in a smaller package. If you have minimal land or just like smaller animals then mini llamas have a lot to offer you.

We have now decided to move more towards minis and have drastically reduced our asking price on of most of our standards. Please check out what we have left and then give us a call.


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