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Hi, I am in Florida.  I had two hatchling baby common musk turtles for about 4 months.  While putting them outside for their twice weekly 30 minutes of sun, a bird got one and then flew away with it.  Now I only have one left and my baby turtle is depressed without his buddy.  I desperately want to get another one soon.  I do not know where to get one in the Jacksonville, FL area.   Does anyone have any ideas where I can get one?  My son found the turtle eggs and he buried them in our backyard and they ended up in our pool.  We are missing our baby!  It is amazing how they become part of the family. We always had fun letting them walk on our hands.  If anyone knows where I can get another in the Jacksonville, FL area, please e-mail me at basketballmom2002@yahoo.com  Thanks.


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