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Strangely I don't have any pics of me and my dogs- I am the one taking them! so those shown with my dogs are my Friend and Handler Karen and my Grandkids! Thats ok because I spend lots of quality time with my Boxer buddies either outside or on the couch keeping it from running away :) Ruby still thinks she weighs 5 lbs and wants to sit on your lap. Its better to be on the couch so she can put most of her bulk on it and rest her head on your lap.  She also snores- Loudly. So there is no chance of you dozing off during the news. Glide is the ding a ling of the two- He runs for the sheer joy of being alive! Before he hits you at full speed, he will turn fast circles - Thank God- or I would be history. His tongue is legendary for its speed and length. He has been known to try and bribe Judges with kisses. So far it hasn't worked :( At a dog show in Greeley the summer of '08, two elderly gents in wheelchairs with their Aides were looking at the dogs at the grooming area- I was talking with Karen and not paying much attention until Glides leash got loose. I looked over and there he was with his head in one of the Gents laps, being stroked. The old fella had a huge smile on his face. When they left, Glide went to the second man, and gently put his huge paw in his lap.As the old man petted him  he tried to speak, but his words were garbled. The Aide looked at me with tears in her eyes, and said that was the first time in a year he had tried to speak. Glide, the rough and ready idiot of the farm was stock still, allowing the old Gent to pet him and remember younger days. This is why I love this crazy, playful, beautiful, compassionate breed. You never know what they are going to do, but its always a learning experience.

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Wray, Colorado, United States

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Wray, Colorado, United States


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