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Hello my name is Sherry, and all of my life I've had animals. A lot of dogs and birds. My grandmother had a macaw blue and gold and he was then handed down to my mother and then to me. I had him for about 11 years and I loved him as if he were my own baby! Caw went everywhere with me and to work! He was a very special macaw. and oh how he loved to chat with people and be loved on. I would even take him into my local stores and people would just adore him and love on him. However, this one man had came up to me in a shell station where caw was sitting on my shoulders as he always has and this poor man came up to touch my arm to tell me that i had dropped a piece of paper and caw yelled at him " back off" this poor man just stood there stunned I was also stunned. This was the very first time I had ever heard him say this... Everybody in the store just had a field day with this one. But, my mother had also bonded very hard and close to caw and she moved to Arizona because of her lungs and she didn't want to go alone and this was the hardest thing i've ever had to do but, I let her take caw back with her. Even though she had never left caw he was my baby but, he also was crazy in love with her as well. So, my heart is so empty and i'm trying so hard right now to find a keeper. One that has been not so taken care of one that needs a good loving home, I want with all of my heart to adopt another macaw but everywhere that shows on the internet I try to contact them only to find out they are out of business. This concerns me because I know for a fact that there are many birds out there that need homes from people that bought them and didn't understand what all it was to take care of such a large bird to the people that abuse them. If there is no where to adopt anymore what is going on with all of the birds that have nobody to care for them.I've seen my fair share of animal abuse and I'm a big advocate against it. It really bugs me so bad that I can not fine one place that has rescued any macaws and have them for adoption. If anybody knows of a good rescue place in Colorado would you please let me know about it.

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Colorado, United States


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