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Hi, I am the owner of Amity Angels Rabbitry. I raise Californians and Himalayans, I also have a English Lop. Also i Raise Abyssinian Cavys. I have been in 4-H for 4 years now. here's a little bit about why/how i got into rabbits..
I have been raised around rabbits all my life! My dad raised New Zealands when i was little and i had a few of them too. But then After awhile (about 8 years old) i started raising my own breeds.
I joined 4-H when i was 13 Because i wanted to show my rabbits at the County Fair and show a Meat pen. So my dad decided to get me involved in 4-H first and im so glad i joined! I learned so much!! My first year showing at the fair my meat pen didnt make weight and i got 5th place showmanship in the biggest class! My 2nd year i won Grand champion Meat pen and Showmanship! My 3rd (last year) I got Reserve In Show in the youth rabbit show with judge Glen Carr! (my profile picture was taken right after i won!) I cant wait for this years fair! I have already won 4 BOB's and 1 BOS this year with my Californians!
If anyone has any questions i am always happy to answer questions as best as i can!

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